A Sustainable Way of Living! (Texto Nível Intermediário+Vocabulário) Aprenda Inglês Lendo! (Prof. Newton)

In today’s world, some people worry about the planet. They dislike the inefficiency of modern homes and  disagree with the idea that we are unable to change the  way we live. For these people, the ideal home is one that  does not harm the Earth.

Michael Reynolds is a building designer. He started designing homes based on sustainable principles in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A., more than 25 years ago. Now over 1,000 homes around the world incorporate his “living” building systems. These homes, called earthships, have built-in systems
that take into account every human impact and need, for this reason they are called “ships”. They are designed to make a family feel independent and free as if they were on a long voyage, only in this case the ship is their home, their voyage is on Earth, and their goal is to live in harmony with their


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Believe it or not, an earthship is made from old tires filled with earth. The walls are made of empty tin cans. The earthship and similar innovative designs can use many other recycled materials, limited only by the imagination. Earthships are designed to collect and store their own energy from a variety
of sources. The majority of electrical energy comes from the sun and wind. Earthships are built to catch and use water from the local environment without bringing in water from a centralized source.  Water used in an earthship is harvested from rain or snow.

Earthships are based on the idea of a sustainable society, which is defined as one that satisfies its needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations. Nowadays, sustainable building is emerging as a responsible way for humanity to preserve the health and safety of the planet. As
Michael Reynolds says, “Perhaps one day, more people will care about the planet. It’s unfortunate that some people might think this kind of living is inconvenient. It isn’t at all. I love my earthship!”

Adapted from:

READING KEYS. Macmillan Publishers Limited: Miles Craven, 2003. p.145.
Available at: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthship&gt; Access on August 18 th 2009.
Available at: http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/pdf/buildingstandards_earthships.pdf Access on August 18th 2009.

Sustainable = sustentável
to dislike = não gostar, odiar
unable = incapaz
to harm = machucar, danificar
ship = nave
earthships = naves terrestres
built-in = embutidos
to take into account = levar em conta
to feel = sentir
voyage = viagem
environment = meio ambiente
tires = pneus
walls = paredes
empty = vazio
tin can = lata de alumínio
own = próprio
sources = fontes
wind = vento
to catch = capturar, pegar
to bring = trazer
to harvest = colher
nowadays = hoje em dia
to emerge = emergir
perhaps = talvez
might = talvez
kind = tipo


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