Aprenda Inglês Lendo! A Dream Dome Home (Texto de Nível Intermediário – Prof.Newton)


Huiet and Helen Paul live on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, U.S.A. One unfortunate day in  1989, Hurricane Hugo destroyed their home. They had to build a new home, but they didn’t choose a normal home. Their son, George, helped them to build a dome home. They call their dome home  “Eye of the Storm.” It has four floors, giving 3,500 square feet of living space. It cost $600,000 to

They chose a dome home because it is very strong, so it will be safe in bad weather. It also uses very little energy. It costs fifty percent less to heat than a normal home – and it’s very fashionable, too.

On the ground floor is a parking area. An elevator goes up to the entrance on the next floor. This is the main living area, which includes a kitchen, living room, dining room, and entertainment area. There are also three bathrooms and two bedrooms; all have a view of the ocean. A fireplace on the inside even becomes a barbecue on the outside!

On the next floor is the main bedroom and bathroom, plus an entertainment area. The Eye’s top floor is a loft with a sofa and a huge window. “Mom loves to relax and read up here,” says Huiet, “and
the kids love to sleep up here.”

Visitors to the Eye of the Storm love it. It’s so unusual! People say the dome home makes them“feel alive,” and that it’s “fun.” I guess the old saying is true – There’s no place like dome!

From: READING KEYS. Macmillan Publishers Limited: Miles Craven, 2003. p.146. (Adapted)


Which question(s) can be answered according to text 2?
01. Who lives in the Eye of the Storm?
02. How long did it take to build the dome home?
04. Why did Huiet and Helen decide to build a dome home?
08. What materials were used to build the dome home?
16. Where do the kids like to sleep?
32. How many people visit the Eye of the Storm?


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