O que significa a expressão “AIR BELLY” (e outras) em Inglês? (Prof.Newton)

air one’s belly

Esvaziar o estômago, vomitar, passar mal.
To empty one’s stomach; to vomit.
Ex.: I had a bad case of food poisoning and was airing my belly for most of the night.

down to the wire

(American & Australian)
O  último momento possível para fazer algo.
Until the very last moment that it is possible to do something

Usage notes: In a horse race, the wire is a metal thread that marks the finishing line.
Ex: If both teams are playing at their best, the game will go down to the wire (= it will be won at the last moment). The Democrats struggled down to the wire to choose their candidate.

get in deeper

Se envolver cada vez mais com problemas,
Fig. to get in more and more trouble; to get more deeply involved with someone or something.
Ex:Every time he opened his mouth to complain, he just got in deeper.

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