Aprenda Inglês Lendo! “Pedro” Texto em Inglês Simplificado (Prof.Newton) #dicasdeinglês


Hello. I am going to tell you all a bit about myself, my family and my friends. My name is Pedro, I am 28 years old and I live in Valencia. I currently work at a school in the centre of Valencia and I teach Mathematics.

I love Valencia. It’s a very beautiful place and the climate is one of the best in Spain. I have a lot of friends here and my girlfriend lives just outside the city.

I really enjoy my job because I love being a teacher. I usually get up at about 7.30 am and then have some breakfast. Most days I take a shower but it depends if I get up on time or not! I get to work at 8.15 am and my first class starts at 8.30 am.

I have lunch at 1.30 pm and I usually eat a sandwich or two. I finish work at 4.30 pm. After I finish work I usually go to the gym or go for a run in the park. Sometimes I am too tired to exercise and I go straight back to bed for a nap.

In the evenings I usually prepare for my classes or go and meet my friends. My favourite bar is in the centre of Valencia and there is always someone who I know in there. I also try and do some housework every evening so that the flat isn’t too dirty! I then go to bed at around 11.30pm. From time to time I stay out late and go dancing in a club.

My girlfriend is an artist and she lives just outside of Valencia. She wants to move to Barcelona or even to New York to try and expose more of her work. At the weekends we usually go to the countryside to cook paella or to the beach. We also like mountain biking and I try to do it as much as possible. I also really enjoy watching football on television and in bars. I go to watch Valencia every now and then.

My parents live in Northern Spain. They really like the culture and the people there. They are retired and really enjoy life. My brother lives in Amsterdam and he works in a Shipyard. He has a lot of friends there and we visit him often.

I don’t want to leave Valencia but I might have to do it soon because of my girlfriend. Barcelona is a great city and I like it very much. But I love Valencia. It’s my home.

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