Recordando os Pronomes Possessivos do Inglês! (Prof.Newton) #dicasdeinglês

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns show ownership.

How good is your vocabulary? Let’s take a peek into the dictionary…

Possess: to have, to own

That was short.

Knowing what possess means will help you remember what these kinds of pronouns do. They show possession.

Sometimes they are used alone, and sometimes they are used before nouns.


Singular Plural
Used Alone mine
his, hers
Used Before Nouns my
his, her, its

Used Alone

Here are the possessive pronouns that can be used alone.

mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs, whose

When they are used alone, these pronouns can act as subjects, objects, and predicate adjectives.

Example # 1

Yours are the best cookies!

It may sound a little bit strange, but that sentence works.

Yours is the subject of the sentence.

Example # 2

This cookie is mine.

That thing is a sentence diagram. It makes the relationship between the words visible. Cool, huh?

The word mine comes after the linking verb is, and it is describing the subject cookie.

In this sentence, mine is a possessive pronoun acting as a predicate adjective. It comes after the intransitive linking verb is, and it is acting as a predicate adjective modifying the subject.

We can tell that it is acting as an adjective because it answers one of theadjective questions.

Adjective question: Whose cookie?

Answer: mine

It is describing a noun (cookie). Because of this, you can say that this pronoun is actually an adjective. It’s like the pronoun is both a pronoun and an adjective! Isn’t that versatile?

When these guys act alone, diagram them just like you would diagram any other noun or pronoun.

Since nouns and pronouns can perform many jobs in our sentences, you must first decide which job the pronoun is performing. Then, you’ll be able to diagram it like a rock star!

If the possessive pronoun is being used after a linking verb, it is really acting as a predicate adjective.

Used Before Nouns

Here are the possessive pronouns that are used before nouns.

my, your, his, her, its, our, their, whose

These pronouns act as adjectives because they modify nouns.

This is my cookie.

My is helping to tell us a little bit more about the noun cookie.

It is modifying a noun, so it is acting as an adjective.

When these guys are used before nouns, diagram them just like adjectives.

Find the noun that the pronoun is modifying and place the pronoun on a slanted line under that noun.

In this picture, you could place the pronoun anywhere that it says adjective.

To learn more about diagramming sentences, use these grammar exercises.

Apostrophes? Don’t Do It!

People often get confused and think that apostrophes belong in these pronouns.

* Those people are totally crazy. It’s not true. Don’t do it unless you want to look like a fool! *


it’s, her’s, our’s, their’s, your’s


its, hers, ours, theirs, yours

Note that the word it’s is different from the word its.

It’s is a contraction for the two words it is.

Its is a possessive pronoun.


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