Verbos Seguidos de Infinitivo

A maioria dos verbos é seguida de verbos no infinitivo. Se o verbo não estiver na lista abaixo, provavelmente ele é encontrado no infinitivo.

Verbos seguidos de Gerúndio

Example: The students don’t enjoy going over the same rules again and again.

admit (to) delay get used to practice risk
appreciate deny look forward to put off stop
avoid discuss imagine recommend suggest
be accustomed to dislike keep (on) regret tolerate
be used to enjoy (not) mind report understand
can’t help feel like miss resent
consider finish postpone resist

Verbos seguidos de Pronome Objeto + Infinitivo

Example: I advise you to go to school early today.

advise encourage instruct *promise *want
allow *expect invite Remind *warn
*ask force *need require *would like
authorize get order teach
cause help permit Tell
challenge hire persuade train
convince inform *prepare urge

*Esses verbos podem ser usados sem objetos.

Example: I want him to go. I want to go.

Verbos Seguidos ou de Gerúndio ou Infinitivo

As vezes o significado muda de acordo com o que for usado.

Example:He doesn’t remember giving the homework to Mr. Young.
He didn’t remember to give the homework to Mr. Young.

attempt hate start
begin intend try
can (not) bear love
can (not) stand neglect
continue prefer
(dis)like remember

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