Texto e Áudio em Inglês Simplificado! “Cholera Victims” (Prof.Newton) #dicasdeinglês

Chinese earthquake rescue





Rescue teams had already reached the remote villages in mountainous Baoxing County on foot, but landslides were blocking access to aid trucks and preventing some of the casualties from being brought out.


Now state media is reporting that a path has been cleared, although, in heavy fog, and with regular aftershocks, the going is slow.


Even in the more accessible areas of neighbouring Lushan county the aid effort has been hampered by congestion on the single road in, and some of those who’ve been made homeless are complaining that they’ve not yet received food or water.


Although on the same fault line, this earthquake was much less powerful than the one that struck Sichuan Province in 2008, and the death toll is not expected to rise significantly.


Once again though it is the poor who have borne the brunt of the disaster, with the biggest killer not the earthquake itself, but poorly constructed houses.






having a lot of mountains


on foot

by walking (without using transport or vehicles)



falls of rocks and earth down a mountain or slope



people who have been injured or killed in an accident or war


state media

media organisations controlled by the government



small earthquakes that follow a bigger one


the going is slow

progress is difficult or slow



made difficult


fault line

a long, deep crack in the Earth’s surface


death toll

the number of people who died because of an event


borne the brunt of

suffered the main effects of



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