ENGLISH HOMEWORK #40 | Aprenda inglês com  “Lava”, música tema do filme Lava da Disney! | Érika e Newton – Inglês por Skype

This week we are going to learn english singing “Lava” from the Disney “Lava” Movie!

E lembre-se de estudar inglês todos os dias!



Where would you like to travel? Why? What is your dream destination? What would you like to do there? (150 words)


Present Perfect – English Grammar Exercises



lose your head

Meaning: If you lose your head, you become very angry about something.

For example:

When some people at the hospital said they wouldn’t help my injured friend because he didn’t have his ID card, I lost my head and shouted, “What’s wrong with you people? He’s dying!”

If you’re in a government office and an official is making life difficult for you, try not to lose your head. It won’t help if you shout at them.


Raising a Glass for National Beer Day

April 7 was National Beer Day in the United States.  National Beer Day is not a real holiday.  But a lot of Americans are celebrating on social media.  One Twitter user, RadarX, wrote, “I hear it’s #NationalBeerDay and I feel fortunate to live where they make so much of it.”Link.

News Words: Emissions

Emissions was a buzz word at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris last year. Find out what it means in this week’s News Words.  Link.

The Science Report: Scientists May be Closer to Solving Plain of Jars Mystery

Scientists have uncovered a new group of human remains in the Plain of Jars area in Laos. They go all the way back to the Iron Age, some 2,500 years ago. The scientists hope that the newest discoveries will bring some information about who created the jar and burial sites across the area.  Link.


Phrasal Verbs with SET: set up, set in, set to…

Video: https://youtu.be/3EJqq9hBQjs

The verb set can mean many different things in English, depending on how you use it. In this lesson, you will build your vocabulary with phrasal verbs using the verb set. We will look at expressions such as set in, set to, set out, and more. The context of “set” can also change its meaning. For example, you will learn the difference between “setting up someone on a date” and “setting up someone for arrest”. Set yourself up for success by watching this lesson and doing the quiz at the end!


Duolingo – Free Online English Exercises


BBC Learning English


Voa News – Learning English


Engvid – English Video Classes



Lava (theme song from LAVA , the Disney Movie)

Video: https://youtu.be/uh4dTLJ9q9o


A long, long time ago there was a volcano

living all alone in the middle of the sea

He sat high above his bed watching all the couples play

And wishing that he had someone, too.


And from his lava came this song of hope that he sang

out loud everyday for years and years.



I have a dream I hope will come true

That you’re here with me and I’m here with you

I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above

will send me someone to lava.


Years of singing all alone turned his lava into stone

until he was on the brink of extinction

But little did he know that living in the sea below

another volcano was listening to his song.


Everyday she heard his tune her lava grew and grew

because she believed his song was meant for her

Now she was so ready to meet him above the sea

As he sang his song of hope for the last time.




Rising from the sea below stood a lovely volcano

Looking all around but she could not see him

He tried to sing to let her know that she was not there alone

But with no lava, his song was all gone

He filled the sea with his tears and watched his dreams disappear

As she remembered what his song meant to her.




Oh they were so happy to finally meet above the sea

All together now their lava grew and grew

No longer are they all alone, with aloha as their new home

And when you visit them this is what they sing.


I have a dream I hope will come true

That you’ll grow old with me and I’ll grow old with you

We thank the earth, sea, the sky, we thank too.


I lava you

I lava you

I lava you.


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