Como usar a palavra QUANTIFY | Erika & Newton – Inglês por Skype #dicasdeinglês

Como usar a palavra QUANTIFY?

In my statistics class, we needed to quantify the probability of winning the lottery.

Since it is impossible to quantify the number of stars, the night sky fascinates me.

The census bureau attempts to quantify how many people reside in a household.

Our objective was to quantify the gallons of water in the local lake.

I wondered if there was any mathematical way to quantify the number of hairs on my head.

This app enables people to track and quantify aspects of their daily lives.

The team will quantify all various strategic risks and measure them against this threshold.

Indirect and direct methods can be used to quantify virus delivered in mosquito saliva.

He could not quantify precisely the overpayment.

The data are helping quantify an industry that is omnipresent.

It is too early to quantify the implications of Brexit.

Better devices and designing research applications that are suited to the quantified capabilities of sensors will soon be created.



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