Como usar a palavra BLUNT? | Erika & Newton – Inglês por Skype #dicasdeinglês

Como usar a palavra BLUNT

blunt adjetivo (advérbio: bluntly)
sem corte

menos frequentes:
brusco adj · grosseiro adj · cego adj · franco adj · crua adj · abrupto adj

blunt instrument s —instrumento grosseiro m · instrumento pouco preciso

A blunt object is rounded — it isn’t very pointy.
A blunt comment is candid — it isn’t very subtle.
When we blunt things we make them less lively, sharp, or intense.
a blunt instrument
a blunt pencil
a blunt farmer
the blunt truth
blunt the knives
blunted emotions
blunt talking and straight shooting
Terror blunted her feelings.
Wine in excess can blunt the senses.
People are blunt with one another, sometimes even cruel, believing honesty is stronger medicine than sympathy.
The blunt truth is that he is devoid of political courage.
I felt blunt with shock when I heard the news.
…, blunting the criticism with a smile.
When the scraper blade blunts, you will have to replace it.
My aunt is quite blunt so it was no surprise when she gave her opinions on the unsightly décor.
I’ve lost friends due to being a very blunt person and speaking my mind.
When I was very blunt about her new relationship, my friend became upset.
When she asked me to be blunt, I don’t think she expected me to be so forthcoming.
The blunt waiter hurt my feelings when asking if I wanted a diet soda.



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