HELPING DOGS Texto e Vídeo em INGLÊS SIMPLIFICADO p/treinar a LEITURA! | Prof. Newton – Inglês p/Skype! #dicasdeinglês

Olá pessoal! Segue um texto em inglês simplificado para treinar a leitura!



The hope for these dogs is that they’ll be adopted. This dog shelter cares for dogs who are partially paralysed after being hit by cars.

The Milagros Perrunos dog shelter in Peru has helped pups who were literally on their last legs. Now they’re wheeling around and playing again.

Sarah Moran doesn’t make any profit from running the shelter and relies on donations to pay for food, toys and wheelchairs.

She says she’d like to do more, but the budget’s really small, so they can’t help any more.
Six of the dogs are in wheelchairs and three have had a leg amputated.

With 50 dogs in the shelter, it may take a while for each of them to find a new home.

Difficult words:
dog shelter (a safe place for dogs who need help) – abrigo de cachorros

literally (exactly) – literalmente

on their last legs – em suas últimas forças

profit (the money that you make) – lucro

donation (the money which is given by people who want to help) – doação

budget (the amount of money available) – finanças

amputate (to cut off). – amputar



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